6 Organic Wellness Germ Buster essential oil set: 10mlx6 Rosemary Garden美國迷迭香花園天然抗病菌精油組

Rosemary Garden

Wellness essential oil( 6 bottles) combination: including lemon, linaool thyme,winter savory,oregano,pine scot,peppermint eucalyptus .10mlx6 
When  linaool thyme is not available, the alternative will be rosemary essential oil, the peppermint eucalyptus will be alternative as spearmint.
The six-essential oil combination can booster the immune system with antimicrobial activity and improve respiratory function.
It can be applied with 1-2% concentration to be antiseptics and disinfectant and also be applied as a diffuser. 
  • Dish Cleanser

2 drops Oregano

4 drops Lemon

2 drops Spearmint

500ml Castile liquid soap or Dish cleanser  


  • Hand Sanitizer

2 drops Oregano

4 Drops Thyme lnalool

3 Drops  Spearmint

350ml rubbing alcohol

150ml Aloe Vera Jelly

  • Support your respiratory and immune system blending (Formula A)

Mix the following essential oils and pour in a bottle with dropper.

2ml Oregano (Kids use Winter Savory)

3ml Lemon

2.5 ml Scots Pine

1.5ml Thyme lnalool

1.5ml Spearmint


1.Aroma Disffuser

Use 3-4 drops Formula A on disffuser depending the size of disffuser and disffuse for 30-60 minutes. Then open the windows for 15 minutes , you can start new second round .Keep the door open if you have pets in the room.

  1. Inhalation Patch

Pour 1 drop on inhalation patch . The patch can last for 5 hours then add another drop.





六瓶有機抗病毒精油入門精油組合:檸檬, 沈香醇百里香,冬季薄荷,奧勒岡,赤松及薄荷尤加利,10mlx6