Cough Tincture: Rosemary Garden 美國迷迭香花園止咳花草精

Rosemary Garden

Characteristics: Freshly picked organic or wildly crafted herbs to make cough tinctures

Ingredients: wild cherry bark, Valerian, Lobelia, Marshmallow root, Licorice root,  Essential Oil of Peppermint and Vegetable Glycerin.

Applications: as in an adult

Daily routine use: 1/4 to 1/2 spoons, mixed with water, three times a day. 

Severe cough: 1/4 spoons each hour until the symptoms relieved.

Children: take with juice. 

Shelf-time: Low temperature, dry, avoid direct light exposure. 6 months after opening

volume: 100 ml

Temporarily relieves spasm cough due to continuously  throat ant bronchial irritation as when occur with a cold. It also helps relive chest congestion by emollient mucus and anti-spasm by decongestant, thinning secretion to make cough smoothly and productive.

Origin: USA

商品特色 特色:新鮮手工摘取有機或野生香藥草製成花草精,

 1.平常保養:每次1/4-1/2小匙,混合開水,一天三次 2.狀況嚴重時:每小時1/4小匙,混合開水 小朋友可以混合與果汁飲用
銷售重點 有機農場手工自製限量商品 100ml