French Helichrysum italicum light radiance cream 50ml,法國永久花霜

Rosemary Garden

This formula was handmade by a family owned farm, which is. a very pleasant emulsion rich in immortelle hydrosol (helichrysum italicum) renowned for its anti-aging properties and its beneficial action on micro circulation. A synergy of plants and precious vegetable oils, shea butter reinforces its protective and nutritive character while keeping it a very pleasant touch in perfect affinity with the skin. The essential oils of immortelle wild carrot and wild true lavender and or picked then distilled on the farm, actively participate in making Peau d'Ange a complete anti-aging treatment.

Ingredients: plant macerates *, macadamia, borage *, jojoba * oil, Italian helichrysum hydrosol *, shea butter, essential oil of wild carrot *, wild true lavender * and Italian helichrysum * :

*from organic farming .

The product  approved by Ecocert.