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Recommended by worldwide renowned herbal professional

“It’s easy to feel the passion Erica Kuo has for learning and practicing herbal medicine when you are with her! I’ve experienced this first hand working with her as a student in my herbal course, and then an accomplished colleague more recently. She has been very active as an American Herbalist Guild board member, and has created a line of skin care products with purity and high quality ingredients as a founding principle.

I recommend that you try her herbal oils, soaps, handmade salve, or other herbal products.    Christopher Hobbs, Ph.D., L.Ac.

Rosemary Garden is founded by Registered Herbalist , Clinical Aromatherapist and Medical Doctor.  At Rosemary Garden, our mission is to deliver the health information to as many people as possible. Because of you, our valuable customers, we are blessed to be in a position to share our values with not just you and your family, but the community we love.

We continually strive to dedicate to

  • high quality herbal products
  • artisan organic and natural skin care line
  • organic essential oils and hydrosols
  • herbal and aromatherapy education
  • safety use of essential oils and herbs
  • organic perfume

We remain devoted to being a brand you can trust in, that values our customers, and you.

Co-founder Erica Kuo

Board member of AHG Council(2019-2022)
She graduated from University of Leeds in the UK with the degree of MA in Communication Studies. She is the first 
American Registered Herbalist (AHG) and Clinical Aromatherapist among Chinese society.

Before becoming a herbalist ,she has been working over 17 past years in medical media and NGO, and she loves to promote healthcare and empowers people to get healthy wellness in daily life. In the past, severe allergy has bothered her for over 20 years. She can't apply any skin care products making her skin worse . She was diagnosed with photosensitive skin, and once up a time  the worst condition made her look like  a patient of SLE(Systemic Lupus erythematosus) .

After leaning  and practicing herbal study and aromatherapy for many years, she realized the real cure is  from Mother Earth. She shared her story and passion to community education. She devoted to more than 100 Lectures in communities and schools such as Intel Taiwan, L'Occitane en Provence,J.P.Morgan Mutual Fund,The Deaf NGO ,High Tech companies over  past 10 years to advocate  herbal care. She held World Herb Day activity to educate people the importance of Mother Earth. She is the founder of Rosemary Garden Herbal and Aromatherapy education center. She never stops studying and applying herbs as the part of her daily practice and her passion for the plants is long-lasting.With enthusiasm, dedication to advocating and sharing of herbal care , she is passionate to apply her expertise of herbal care to integrate all kind of holistic therapies such as herbalism, hydrosol, aromatherapy to empower community with natural healing ability.

Co-Founder Dr. Vincent Wang

Dr. Vincent Wang has been a physician in infectious diseases for 22 years. He was  the director of Infectious Division, Internal Medicine, MacKay Memorial Hospital and adjunct associate professor, MacKay Medical College in Taipei, Taiwan. He also has the degree of Bachelor in Pharmacy and is a certified pharmacist. 

The specific combination of two careers helps him to have sophisticated experience in treating varied patients with different diagnosis. He dedicated to care patients with sufferings and dedicated to lively the treatment of SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) in 2003 and at that time and even now, no cure existed. He began to understand that the western medicine can’t always have the answers to all diseases. There must be other choices of treatment for the patients showing poor response to western medicine. The herbal care is the one of the answers, especially the preventive one.

We are proudly to announce that we are certified as Minority and Women’s Business Enterprise in WA State OMWE USA.





美國迷迭香花園 Rosemary Garden
華人第一位美國註冊臨床藥草師RH(AHG) Erica Kuo 創辦,她在台灣長大,曾是聯合報醫藥記者及任職多個醫療NGO,目前是台灣康健雜誌及美國世界日報專欄作者,她是,她雖然是資深醫藥記者,但長達廿年的皮膚過敏歷史,最嚴重時曾被懷疑有紅斑性狼瘡,後來旅美期間,孩子意外受傷的疤痕,開啟她與香草的奇遇之路,並在美國修習香藥草,芳療及園藝等專業知識,完成香草療癒魔法書天然無毒清理術等暢銷書,並經常受訪暢談天然藥草及芳療教學.

我們的明星迷迭香花園金盞花膏Calendula Salve產品,還獲台灣馬偕醫院急診醫師推薦用於蟹足腫。我們有機茶還獲得自然醫學聯青診所推薦讓女性可以免於依賴止痛藥!

Dr. Wang  在2003年在台灣負責第一線SARS(嚴重急性呼吸系統綜合症)治療醫師,當時甚至現在都沒有治愈方法。因為具有醫師及藥師等兩種不同的專業,他明白西方醫學並不總能找到所有疾病的答案,過度使用止痛藥甚至會傷害肝腎,有些過敏病人因為長時間仰賴類固醇,反而出現併發症及神經傷害。 所以他認為藥草及芳療能夠提供西方醫療不足的拼圖缺口

Erica Kuo 與先生Dr. Vincent Wang (感染科權威教授)共同於美國創立迷迭香花園:有機藥草,芳療及保健護膚品牌,我們服務全球華人,提供中文及英文,希望各地的華人朋友可以享受最天然的有機(或野生)種植的香草相關產品及護膚品與健康輔助產品,我們希望每個人擁有香草療癒魔力!