Quality Control

Our  high quality essential oils and hydrosol

Our oils and hydrosol are directly from small organic farms in USA  and distillers worldwide. We have  built up  trusted relationships with our providers and distillers over the past  years. We only carry organic, ethically wild-craft and farm products. To keep high quality, we store our essential oil in amber glass bottles for in a cool, temperature controlled environment. The amber colored glass bottles protect the oil from light and oxidation, and the cold environment ensures storage at an optimum temperature, which in turn gives them longer shelf life. The oils are then  hand poured into 5 ml, 10 ml, 30 ml, 100 ml or larger amber bottles for you. Our oils are not pre-poured,and they are hand-bottled especially for you, with conscious intention when we receive your order. The oils are packed by us, with love and devotion, wrapped in bubble wrap to prevent breakage, and leakage.

Our aromatherapy formulations:Our Clinical Aromatherapist and Physician are expertise in clinical aromatherapy. We customize-make our specialized formula massage oil for your order individually. 

Our formula herbs blending:

We’re passionate about passing along the centuries-old  wellness knowledge of how to use plants for healthier life. 

Our high quality herbs: From farm to cup, we make sure our herbal products deliver the properties of these amazing plants. To deliver consistent high quality teas, we source organically farmed or organically wild-collected herbs from ethical trading partnerships, seeking out medicinal-grade plants. 

Our herbalists’ formulations: We handmade our herbal products and herbal  tea blending.Our Registered Herbalist and Physician are mastering about traditional Western, Eastern herbal knowledge, basing our products on herbal combinations that have been helping people for centuries. We’ve pioneered the wellness herbal tea category since 2011 when we started in Taiwan.

Our quality control: Our herbs go through rigorous testing before they are made into your blending tea and tea bags. Our suppliers have their own lab analysts who test each herb’s identity, strength and purity to ensure the tea tastes right, and we’re all a bit obsessive about quality.