Why choose us?

Our hydrosol is an art of artisan distillation, as well as primary products. 
The high quality hydrosol is distilled longer time to get more complete compounds compared with other commercial products.Our extraordinary hydrosols  usually take 2-3 times longer process compared to commercial products. 


Our hydrosols

Commercial Products

primary products

by-products of essential oil 

microbiology testing on batches, intake under professional advice.

as cosmetic products

without preservatives

add preservatives, some mix water and essential oil to claim"hydrosol " or "floral water" 



Use fresh plants

Usually use dry plants, sometimes imported dry plant from other countries

Longer shelf life

not sure

Label correctly with lots of information including, name, correct botanical name, batch#, distillation year, country of origin


well knowledge about botany 

 not specific