Organic Calendula Infused Oil Rosemary Garden,美國迷迭香花園有機金盞花浸泡油

Rosemary Garden

Calendula is gentle and soothing. One of the best herbs for treating local skin problems (cuts, burns, bites, wounds, strains and dry or damaged skin). Gentle enough for babies skin.

Calendula oil is an exceptional aid for skin issues in many areas when applied topically soothes the itchiness of psoriasis, dermatitis, and Eczema. The anti-scar action also helps to reduce the scar formation when scar developed after injury. 

Our calendula infused oil is handcrafted and made with Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Latin Name: Calendula officinalis



  • 商品特色:新鮮手工摘取有機金盞花浸泡油,暗色玻璃瓶裝!
  • 主成份:有機金盞花,有機冷壓橄欖油油 
  •  使用方式:臉部,全身(可與玫瑰果及覆盆子油混合按摩妊娠肚皮),肥皂原料及泡澡
  •  保存期限:低溫,乾燥,避光,約二年,建議開封後半年至一年內用完! 
  • 銷售重點:有機農場手工自製限量商品
  • 適合敏感肌,濕疹及懷孕按摩(可與玫瑰果油混合使用) 浸泡油無香味,會有類似高麗菜乾或乾草味
  •  30ml