Herpes support massage oil Rosemary Garden迷迭香花園疱疹支持按摩油

Rosemary Garden

Indications: Relief massage oil for Herpes pain and infection

Ingredients:Rose attar, *Lemon Balm,*True Lavender,  St. John's wort infused oil*,

* is organic certified. 

Application: topical area  or use roller bottle, 2-3 times/ daily

This massage is  3% essential oil dosage.

100 ML

To get more support, you can drink lemon balm hydrosol with everyday detox tea.

商品特色 主成份:玫瑰奧塔,有機香蜂草精油,有機真正薰衣草精油及有機聖約翰草浸泡油

銷售重點 100ml,局部按摩及精油滾輪補充用