Organic Grapefruit essential oil 美國迷迭香花園有機葡萄柚精油

Rosemary Garden

Latin Citrus paradisi Macfad.


Extraction Method:Cold Pressed

Plant Part:Peels

Aromatic Note:Sweet, juicy fresh citrus scent,Slightly bitter

Blends Well With: Citronella, Coriander Seed, Fir Needle, Geranium Egyptian, Jasmine Absolute, Juniper Berry, Neroli, Petitgrain, Rosemary 1,8-Cineole, and Ylang Ylang Complete.

Properties:Analgesic, Anti-anxiety, Anti-depressant, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-oxidant, Astringent, Cooling, Decongestant, Diuretic, Energizing, Immune-stimulant, Lymph decongest, Tonic,Depurative,Restorative

Kid Safety:Yes

Approx. Shelf Life:2 Years.

Cautions: Photosensitizing (low risk); To avoid this, we recommend a dilution no higher than 4%.