Wildcraft Poke root (Phytolacca decandra)infused oil 30ml, Rosemary Garden 戳根浸泡按摩油

Rosemary Garden

Poke root  is an old remedy for treating breast inflammation. Use Sparingly. This powerful woman's and men's ally has been traditionally used for clearing breast lumps and lymph congestion in the neck and breast area. It is also for Mastitis. You can apply on the breast and massage for a while. Wash your breast before you are ready for breastfeeding.

This wildcraft  Poke Root harvest from  our cooperate farm  is infused with  organic extra virgin olive Oil.

Latin Name: Phytolacca decandra



商品特色: 純天然有機農場手工製品 ,無塑化劑及致癌化學成份, 餵乳前必須清潔局部再餵乳

銷售重點: 有機農場直送手工浸泡戳根按摩油, 適合淋巴水腫,乳癌,乳腺炎及腺體腫大者,促進淋巴暢通等按摩使用.
乳腺炎:混合金盞花浸泡油,加入綠薄荷精油, 薰衣草精油及玫瑰天竺葵精油.