Organic Pomegranate and Lavender Skin Protective Moisturizing lotion 2oz 有機石榴籽薰衣草保濕抗老日晚霜,

Rosemary Garden

Description: Light enough for everyday use, even for oily and combination skin types, this moisturizer is packed with hydrating and moisturizing ingredients that drench the skin with essential vitamins and minerals. 

Expeller-pressed safflower oil and evening primrose provide nourishment to thirsty skin. Rich sterols extracted from pomegranate oil are high in tannins and linolenic acid. The sterols increase hydration, enhance barrier function, and provide exceptional moisturization. Since the sterols are capable of holding more than double their weight in water, they act as a delivery system for hydration on the surface of the skin. Xylitylglucoside, anhydroxylitol, and xylitol, a naturally occurring complex from the sugars found in wheat and wood cellulose, has been shown to dramatically improve the epidermal water content by increasing the skin’s dermal water reservoirs. A powerful complex of oat protein, essential minerals, and B vitamins soothes dry, inflamed skin and replenishes devitalized cells.

Use: Massage into skin after cleansing and toning.