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What to expect from your visit

Herbal, Aromatherapy consultations are on average 30 to 45 minutes in duration. Initial visits tend to last longer with about 1.5 hours. Initial visits begin with a review of the detailed intake form you filled out prior to your visit. Together we will look at your health history, dietary and lifestyle practices, overall constitution and any other factors that are related to the reason for the consultation. With your full involvement we will develop an integrated wellness program based on 5 elements that will support your needs. We will look at your situation from a place of whole person instead of dealing with just the presenting symptoms perspective. We will create a specific week by week program so you are set for success as you begin your journey.

Herbal recommendations may involve various options depending on your personal needs. These may include herbal nutrition,  teas, tinctures, poultices, herbal baths, salves, creams or essential oils. They may include custom formulas or our standard formulas, there is also the possibility of a recommendation to see other alternative healer for services, including  physical therapist, acupuncturist, physician, Naturopathic Medicine and others. The primary goal of the consultation is to help you find a path that will work for you in your situation. After an initial visit we will look at what support you might need to accomplish your goals and set up subsequent visits if they are needed.

Consultation Fees

Three times visit $299

Our rates are our honest rates. We do not ask for your financial situation to be given to us as we trust that you will not take advantage of what we offer in care and sliding fee scale. We are not looking to make big bucks off of you, however we do value our time and value you. Please inquire about this option if you are in need.

If you would like more details about Erica’s experience and educational background please feel free to contact us.

Please Note : Herbs, herbal formulations and aromatherapy products are a separate charge.

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