Organic handmade St. John's wort Infused Oil 30ml,Rosemary Garden 聖約翰草浸泡油

Rosemary Garden

St. John's wort infused oil only can be made with fresh thriving flower. Our Organic St. John's wort infused oil is double  infused  to extract the full beautiful ruby red color and healing properties with  valuable anti-inflammatory  takes away the pain of burns and encourages healing the nervous system.

You will find the the pigment of flower and residues in the oils. Out oil made in small batch, and for best result, please keep our oil in cool, dark place. 

Organic infused St. John's wort oil

Latin Name: Hypericum perforatum

Origin: USA 
商品特色:   有機農場手工自製限量商品, 推拿滾輪及按摩的基底油
銷售重點:  聖約翰草俗稱“瓶裝整脊師”,能夠用於骨折及神經疲痛,帶狀疱疹疼痛
特色:新鮮有機手工摘取聖約翰草浸泡油,暗色玻璃瓶裝! 聖約翰草只能採用新鮮的花朵才能製成有效的浸泡油,乾燥的花草是完成沒有效果!
主成份:有機聖約翰草,有機初榨橄欖油 使用方式:基底油或製成精油滾輪 保存期限:低溫,乾燥,避光,約二年,