USB Essential Oil Diffuser, Travel Aroma Diffuser USB wholesale USB旅遊精油擴香器

Rosemary Garden

Pour 3-5 drops of essential oil on the heating pad. 

The color may fade when applying the essential oil. This product can be your portable aroma diffuse. It doesn't require any adapter. Its reliable quality is recommended by world-known aromatherapy professional expert Rhiannon Lewis.

You can pack in your luggage easily when traveling around the word. 

 商品特色:  可以在任何USB接頭擴香,旅行也可以使用,不受電壓影響

銷售重點:  USB 鋁合金擴香器薰香器essential oil diffuser Taiwan made
請注意:電鍍顏色可能受精油侵蝕而退色,為公平權益,產品開封後,若非產品瑕疵,不得退換貨! 精油氣味與精油品質及個人嗅覺有關,不在退換貨之列!